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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Something new..

Not a lot of news... yet. there are some good things coming for sure in the car department.

but today, I decided to take a nice day out with an angry russian and some guns. I'd wanted to do some trap shooting, but alas, their pidgeon launcher was broken or something. God damned lazy pidgeons.

this is probably how it works

So anyway I spent the day shooting my 1911 instead. Did really well at 7yds, and did alright at 15. I'll let you decide though. Pistol shooting is pretty tough with my eyes and especially since my 1911 has no semblance of anything close to high visibility sights.

Still I love that sidearm. Everything about the 1911 is how I want it. Single stack mag, so its narrow. Decent capacity (most mags are between 7-8 rounds, with larger ones available) and utter reliabilty. I bought the GI issue-style gun because I like things simple. Or because it was fucking cheap. Either way, its a fantastic little tool. Yes a tool. For those not in the know guns are TOOLS just like anything else. I could kill you  with a shovel if I want to, but I don't have to wait 11 days at Orchard Supply to get one. But I've digressed. I love my 1911. It's not for everyone, and its not going to be a carry gun until the apocalypse because its fairly inconcealable. But when SHTF, this gun is the one I want to have around. Besides...

I shot my friends .40, I can't remember the namer of the model, but its a Berreta somethingwithanxanda4 i think. Anyhow, it felt alot nicer in the hand than the last .40 I tried, the Springfield XD. The XD was nice, but wasn't as ergonomic and had a lot more muzzle climb than the Beretta.

And also, I've been stressed out for a few weeks, my family's been telling me to go get a massage or something. All I have to say is fuck massages. I feel fucking fantastic.

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