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Monday, April 25, 2011

Gran Turismo 5

So, I've been playing GT5 for a while now, and I think  I've finally played enough to have some worthwhile things to say about it. First and foremost, I've been waiting for this damn game for ages. I spent years playing GT2 and GT3 because I was too brokeass of a kid to buy GT4 until recently, when I borrowed it from a friend. Not long after, a friend of mine bought GT5 and we've been addicted to it ever since.

Simply put, this is the best feeling driving game I have ever played. The cars all have very different driving characteristics, even when figures may seem to be close and every car seems to actually have some element of personality to how you drive it. It's easy to lose touch with the "feel" of a car in a videogame, as you're relying on purely the visual and auditory experience to convey information about what you are doing in the game, but it manages pretty well. The dynamics as a whole are greatly improved and GASP you can actually slide a damn car without it going insane now.

Then theres the sheer amount of cars. Theres always something interesting in the used car lot and honestly, there are so many different choices in this game that if you can't find a car that makes you happy, you're a dirty stinking fool with no appreciation for anything videogame or automotive related. That being said  it is taking AGES for the Cobra R to reappear in the used car lot. Saw it once, didn't have the cash, and I've never seen it since.. sigh..

Someday... she will be mine...

When just driving gets boring, theres still tuning to look forward to. If the player so wishes, they can customize almost any detail about the suspension setup, transmission, aerodynamics and more. You could do a lot of this in the old game, but its much simpler and better in my opinion now. The ability to change everything from gear rations to camber and toe to spring rates and dampening... the list goes on and on. I love being able to fiddle and tune these cars that I am probably never going to own. And since tinkering often takes a backseat to the rest of the happenings in my life, this is a good way to enjoy most of the fun of racing, without having to spend the god knows how many millions I yearn to blow on fast cars.

This post doesn't even begin to really describe whats great about this game. I'm not saying its perfect; you'll find out in future posts all the things that are definitely far from. But it's still a fantastic game. With that, I'll leave you with some youtubian shenanigans

Also, the only flaw I'll mention today is very apparent in this video. V8's DONT SOUND LIKE THAT

but I digress.



  1. I agree the sound is the worst part of the game, but besides that it is amazing. My favorite car is the ZR1!

  2. Man, I remember seeing promos for this like 2, 3 years ago I think.
    I like how you describe it as the best "feeling" driving game. Lots of racing games don't have that feel, just feel like you're steering a brick with wheels. This sounds interesting, maybe I'll try it out.

  3. i haven't played gran turismo in ages, i should check out 5 some time

  4. Some great videos there mate, I might have to pick up a PS3 to play this game

  5. i do enjoy the GT series, the car are fast and cool as crap!

  6. i should tell my friend about this, he loves driving games

  7. I played a demo and that was awesome. a3

  8. i dont think a game can make a v8 sound even if they tried haha

  9. start ps3
    fw update, wait 454354 minutes
    sart gt5
    game update, wait 325 minutes
    select racing mode
    wait again 3452 minutes

    yep, I bought a 360 because of that and I am VERY happy

  10. I've never been into racing games but this looks amazing.

  11. looks like a sweet game, but i prefer NFS

  12. Watch out for sharp corners and wet road.

  13. Gran turismo is definitely my fav. even more so than NFS!

  14. the graphics are just sick, so freaking high...

  15. i'm not really a big fan of racing games